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The 2020 Industry Fair ends perfectly | Deeply cultivate the market and lead the era of wisdom


On September 19, 2020, the five-day 22nd China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CIIF") came to a successful conclusion. This is the fourth consecutive year that JAKA Robotics has participated in the International Industry Fair. It has exhibited on-site new products such as Jaka All-in-one Inclusive Collaborative Robot, JAKA Lens, etc., in the automotive, 3C electronics, advanced manufacturing, new energy and other industries. Scenes and new business scenarios, 30+ application solutions, created a wonderful smart manufacturing achievement exhibition, allowing the world to appreciate the changes in China's smart manufacturing.

In this industry fair, the festival card robot activities were brilliant and fruitful. With excellent products, high-quality services, and good reputation, on-site signings continue!

During this industry fair, the world premiere of the All-in-one series of collaborative robots by JAKA Robotics was highly praised and won the 2020 Industry Fair award.

"JAKA Robotics has a very good inclusive design concept, pursues the integrated design of rigidity and flexibility, pursues the precise design of controllers, drivers and sensors, and pursues the integrated design of platform, communication and servo. JAKA Robotics has developed a new innovation in production, education and research. Mode, realize industrialization in a short time." CIIF award experts said.

At the same time, the "Blue Book of the Development of the Collaborative Robot Industry in 2020" was also released. Not only is GGII's detailed analysis of the overall industry chain overview, but also outstanding cases of collaborative robots represented by JAKA Robotics.

In addition to the release of the All-in-one Inclusive Collaborative Robot at the scene, the Force Control S version series of collaborative robot applications and vision products for flexible manufacturing were also released.

JAKA Robotics Control S version series of collaborative robots are mainly used in interactive scenes between robots and humans, robots and the environment. Detect the collision force between the robot and the user to ensure the safety of the user; realize the compliant traction teaching, improve the human-computer interaction experience; assist the robot to control the output force of the environment, and realize the compliant production work such as polishing and assembly.

In industrial high-precision assembly applications, such as engines, auto parts, etc., due to the positioning error of the robot, it is extremely difficult to achieve automated assembly only through the accuracy of the robot. The JAKA Robotics Zu force control S version can achieve high-precision adaptive precision assembly. At the same time, it can be applied to the grinding, polishing and testing of complex curved surfaces.

In some automation applications or human-computer interaction scenarios, there are higher requirements for the safety of the robot. In order to avoid the robot from harming people or destroying the workpiece, the JAKA Robotics Zu force control S version can be used. The highest precision of the full-arm collision detection is 10N, lightly touch the robot, the robot stops, ensuring a safe environment for human-robot collaboration. It can be widely used in commerce, medical treatment, etc.

In terms of vision, the current mature vision applications include: defect detection, appearance detection, workpiece positioning, feature recognition, and three-dimensional matching. Based on the self-developed vision algorithm, it can replace the manual completion of the existing production line operations, and combine with the small help robot to help customers build automated production lines.