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The Brokk Group is a world-leader in specialized and technically advanced demolition equipment, radiation-proof electrical equipment, and equipment for kiln maintenance. The group consists of a number of market leading product companies as well as a number of sales companies around the world.
The product companies are:

  • BROKK – The world’s leading manufacturer of advanced remote-controlled demolition machines, popularly called “demolition robots”.
  • BRICKING SOLUTIONS – A leading manufacturer of specialized kiln maintenance equipment.
  • DARDA – The world’s leading manufacturer of compact concrete crushing and metal shear equipment, as well as hydraulic splitters.
  • AHLBERG CAMERA SYSTEMS – A world-leading manufacturer of specialized radiation proof camera systems and lighting systems.
  • AQUAJET SYSTEMS – The world’s leading manufacturer of hydro-demolition robots and equipment.

In addition, the Brokk group consists of 12 sales and service companies across the world. In 2017, the Brokk Group had more than 320 employees worldwide and a net sales of approx. SEK 1.0 billion.

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