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Spira is changing the way humans eat by not only creating algae-based ingredients, but by also empowering food companies to create the new wave of food that enable us to be our healthiest and best selves. 

Creating new and innovative ingredients from a sustainable and nutrient-rich food source, we’re replacing harmful petroleum-based compounds and less sustainable animal-based compounds in our food supply. By addressing market demand for more flavorful, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable foods for the modern, convenience-driven world, we’re already on our way to evolving the food system that is long-overdue. 

Our first and high-value ingredient, Electric SkyTM, is replacing the harmful, petroleumbased Artificial FD&C Blue #1 that colors much of our blue-packaged foods and beverages. Electric SkyTM is a rare and natural blue pigment that is purified from Spirulina algae, and is the only FDA-approved ingredient to most effectively replace the harmful and undesirable Artificial FD&C Blue #1. 

As consumers become increasingly aware of the negative effects of artificial ingredients on human health and the environment, we’re paving the way to new solutions on the horizon. From natural colors to healthy oils, superfood powders to proteins and sugars, algae can produce it all.

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Elliot Roth

CEO & Founder