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F3-Design BV consists of a multidisciplinary team of permanent employees and external parties. We believe that specialism is the key to success and expect the same vision from our suppliers. F3-Design is focused on internal pallet transport and the packaging of pallets. Transport with fixed lanes or by an autonomous pallet truck called Nipper. Packing with Dino Stretch Hood, a machine that stabilizes pallets by placing an elastic cover over the load. We believe in stretch hood technology to stabilize pallets with less film and to protect against damage, weather influences and product contamination. This internal pallet transport consists of permanent lanes and AGVs, autonomously operating pallet trucks, which offer flexibility in manned or changing workspaces. 

Every day we work with passion on our products. Based on market needs and customer experiences, existing techniques and traditional working methods are abandoned. This makes a product an F3 product!

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