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Gaussian Robotics

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Gaussian Robotics develops and manufactures cleaning robots to co-work with people. The ECOBOT series is a comprehensive range of floor cleaning robots, which includes: Scrubber 75, Scrubber 50, Sprayer 50, Sweeper 111, Polisher 60 and others in the pipeline. They have been deployed in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities around the globe to deliver professional and consistent cleaning services. 

Founded in 2013 out of a passion for autonomous driving, Gaussian Robotics built its class-leading autonomous navigation based on advanced SLAM technology and integrated it into cleaning machines. It has since grown into a global leader and is now setting the benchmark for the cleaning robot industry. Today, it has rapidly expanded into a team of over 1000 employees with its headquarters in Shanghai and overseas offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

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