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Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology (Groasis B.V.)

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The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is a technology invented by Pieter Hoff. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology consists of multiple products that make it possible to plant trees (in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers) on dry, eroded, dessert and rocky lands without the use of irrigation and energy, and at the same time at low costs.  

At this moment, there are more than 2 billion hectares of degraded farmlands worldwide. Most of these lands are wastelands and have no value at this moment. Nothing can grow here without the use of expensive irrigation systems. Until now. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology we can make those lands fertile and valuable again! 

It is our mission to reforest these lands again. While we plant trees, we can solve problems like erosion, deforestation, desertification, poverty, the food crisis, unemployment, child labor, rural-urban migration, climate change (the rising CO2 concentration in the air) and water scarcity. 

Our technology consists of so much more than planting trees. Together we can solve real world problems and make the world green again! The Dutch government supports Groasis fully. In 2016, we were proudly named ‘National Icon’ by Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs. We are one of the few companies in the Netherlands who are entitled to use this title.

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