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OpiFlex’s award-winning and flexible robot solution is world-unique and drives the third robot revolution “Flexible Robots”. OpiFlex has a patented safety solution that meets all ISO requirements and EU regulations and a patented method for easy and fast robot programming and several patents on docking solutions. The solution is very flexible and cost-effective compared to traditional robot solutions. 

Originally, we developed the OpiFlex solution to solve the challenge of automating small series production, which previously was very difficult with traditional robot cells. But many large companies in, for example, automotive, electronics and consumer goods as well as Tier1 have contacted us because they say that they have the same need for increased flexibility and shorter series, but also for high volume production where the flexibility needs increase. 

OpiFlex is an innovative entrepreneur-driven company that is passionate about solving end-user challenges with simplicity and flexibility. We consist of a innovative team with a mixture of senior people, each with just over 30 years of experience  of robot applications and younger people who are passionate about new technology. This gives a unique combination that we are proud of. 

OpiFlex is facing a global expansion and is partners with leading manufacturers, including ABB and SICK, and has good support globally.

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