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Parallax Inc.

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Parallax believes in the genius in all of us. Whether you're completing a semester project or launching a new product, we provide the electronic materials, tools, parts, and tutorials to amplify your potential. Creator of the multicore Propeller and the original BASIC Stamp microcontrollers. Equip your genius.

In 1997 Parallax made revolutionary industry progress with the famous Stamps in Class Program, lead with the release of “What’s a Microcontroller?” This product was the first educational curriculum and kit that brought hands-on coding and circuit building to an ordinary classroom. Until that time there were very few educational resources that addressed the needs of the high school age electronic student. After seeing how our customer Chuck Schoeffler was making robots from Futaba servos and acrylic sheets cut on bandsaw at the University of Idaho, we worked together to create the Boe-Bot chassis. The Boe-Bot concept grew into the world’s most popular educational robot with over 1 million units sold. 


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