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PTR Robots

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PTR Robots is a subsidiary from Blue Ocean Robotics in Odense, Denmark, right in the heart of robotics in Northern Europe. The company origins from a Robi-X development partnership between University Hospital Køge in Region Zealand, Denmark and Blue Ocean Robotics. As a spin-out company from Blue Ocean Robotics, PTR Robots not only share an office, but also, maintain a close relationship with the exchange of technology and a joint R&D project team with Blue Ocean Robotics. Our primary target is to help apoplexia cerebi patients, geriatric residents, quadriplegics and any other human with reduced mobility, related to trauma- or other health issues, where partial or full support is needed for transfer and rehabilitation. We also aim to improve the work environment related to caregivers and recognized by a high number of heavy-lift injuries, with huge personal and negative consequences as well as the financial burden.

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Key Contacts

Claus Risager

CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics