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Robotec - lifesaving robotics. We create robots that save human lives.

We are confident that robots can protect people from hazardous production factors, from heavy, disruptive work in warehouses, from working with chemicals in the field and from eating food treated with chemicals. 

Agrotec is an AI-based modular robotic platform that protects crops from weeds, diseases and fungi, monitors the phenotype, analyses the soil and gives analytical predictions for further care. All actions are performed with fleet of the robots and AI-based Cloud, we provide innovative methods of non-chemical and no-till agriculture using ozone water-mist and microwave weed killer. Different modules can be mounted on the AMR with a Plug&Play approach.

Our Team creating Innovations that matters for lifesaving Globally. Our motivated, talented and experienced Team of professionals will be recognized as the best in their field. Our sustained success will be built on full human involvement and widespread technology integration in the work process.

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