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Ross Robotics Ltd

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Ross Robotics designs, manufactures and supplies the EXTRM robot and customizations. We are situated in Reading, England and have provided robots to companies such as CERN as well as receiving grants from the agency Innovate UK for our work.

Ross Robotics EXTRM is a man-portable, multi-mission, ground based robot platform that’s easy to deploy & operate in harsh environments and challenging terrain. Its multi-mission capability delivers maximum return on investment through re-tasking of the platform to fulfil a variety of missions, mitigating the need for a large fleet of different robots on disparate platforms. The standards-based extensibility of the platform - utilizing our patented RUC technology - allows for rapid integration of a variety of new and 3rd party tools & sensors, and integration with customers’ back office systems, which further enhances the multi-mission capabilities and future-proofs against premature obsolescence.

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