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Tertill Corporation is a consumer robotics company based in the greater Boston area. Founded by Roomba inventor Joe Jones and veteran roboticist Rory MacKean, Tertill Corporation is headed by Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot. 

Tertill Corporation's flagship product, Tertill, is the world's first robot designed to autonomously weed home gardens. Tertill is weatherproof and solar-powered so it is able to stay in the garden all season long. 

Tertill doesn't just kill weeds, it actually prevents them from growing. Tertill's specially-designed wheel churn the surface of the soil killing pre-emergent weeds.  Any weeds that do manage to grow get chopped down with Tertill's string trimmer until they run out of energy and die. The Cornell School of Agriculture found Tertill's method of weeding as effective as hand weeding.

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