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Agile uses Series A round to develop robotic products

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Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Startup Agile Robots has attracted the attention of cultural entrepreneur Adrian Cheng.

Cheng’s venture capital company for innovative companies, C Ventures, has backed Agile with an eight-digit US dollars sum. C Ventures led the Series A funding round, supported by existing investors including GL ventures, Sequoia Capital China and Linear Venture Capital 

Agile Robots will use the money for the development of robotic products.

"Adrian and C Ventures' vision in robotics and automation make them an ideal partner for Agile Robots," said Dr Zhaopeng Chen, founder and CEO of Agile Robots. "We are thrilled to work with investors who have forward-looking convictions and a deep understanding of our business to make robotics more accessible to the general public."

Cheng added: "We are confident in Agile Robots' long-term business prospects and look forward to working with the company to power their future development. We believe robots will make a huge difference in our society, especially in labour-intensive industries. Innovative and cost-effective robotic solutions will also help synergize our core business in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. We envision a new era in which humans and robots strive to work hand-in-hand to create shared value for our businesses and other stakeholders in the community."

Agile Robots is a high-tech start-up based in Munich, Germany. It's a spin-off of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and since its start in 2018, it has been committed to connecting artificial intelligence and robotic technologies since its inception in 2018. It hopes to introduce the next generation of technological innovations in novel whole-body tactility, hybrid force and vision intelligence, environmental perception, and robotic skills based on machine learning and transferring. 

The core competency of Agile Robots lies in the ability of combining highly sensitive torque-controlled robotic arms, driven by lightweight-robot technology, with a wide variety of intelligent software technologies. The specially developed, intelligent image processing algorithms enable robots to function safely and precisely even in an unknown environment. 

The user-friendly interface and vision technology are equipped to bolster seamless cooperation between robots and humans. Highly integrated yet easily programmed, the robotic system can accommodate the fast-changing and dynamic manufacturing process, and function even in a complicated environment such as supporting humans' daily lives or even operating theatres.

Agile uses Series A round to develop robotic products image