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Bot-Hive revamps home page

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Bot-Hive has revamped its home page as users make it clear what they want to focus on.

It's well known that UK manufacturing is struggling to automate and that a concerted effort is needed to break the logjam.

One of the main inhibitors is the risk involved in automation. The majority of UK SMEs know they need to consider robotics and automation as they build out their businesses in the years to come, but most find it hard to visualise what robots can offer their own particular processes. The perceived risk - coupled with a lack of transparency when it comes to pricing, options, tooling, software, installation and training - is contributing to the overall poor drive for automation.

In response to this, Bot-Hive has targeted the risk element by forming a partnership with Visual Components, one one of the leading developers of 3D simulation software. Users of the Bot-Hive platform will now be able  to adopt a virtual “Try-Before-You-Buy” approach before investing in automation. Companies can set up initial consultation meetings with the Bot-Hive and Visual Components team to replicate versions of their shop floors, providing a perfect testing bed for different automation solutions.

The Bot-Hive home page now faces the risk problem head-on, encouraging users to de-risk their automation plans and save up to 60% by first building a robotics proof-of-concept. 

Bot-Hive users benefit from:

- over 1,000 of the world's leading robotics solutions;

- over 100 Trusted Bot-Hive Approved Integrators;

- free and impartial support;

- buy now and pay monthly;

- single point of billing for all products and services.

Risk is now a thing of the past when companies plan their automation strategies.