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Disinfection robot market surges

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

The use of disinfection robots has increased rapidly after the outbreak of COVID-19 with an increase in the sale of disinfection robots by 400-600% across the globe. 

So says a report from Persistence Market Research (PMR).

The report also concluded that the pandemic has highlighted the inability of conventional techniques in disinfecting and sanitising a facility. This has rapidly driven the adoption of disinfection robots, as they can effectively disinfect hospitals and other public areas with minimal human interference. 

And although many companies have got a stamp of approval for their products to fight the COVID-19 battle, approvals for different products further enhances the attention given by end users. 

What's more, many providers of disinfection services have entered the disinfection robots market, and many more are coming in with their innovative and advanced technologies and software. 

With the coronavirus outbreak, manufacturers of disinfection robots will be able to cash-in on vast opportunities to make their business stand out from competitors by coming up with a broad range of products.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • UV light robots will be the most profitable segment, due to higher adoption coupled with superior disinfection efficacy as compared to hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) robots;

  • fully autonomous robots make up the leading segment, owing to higher efficiency and low human interaction while disinfecting as compared to semi-autonomous robots;

  • North America is the most lucrative region in the global disinfection robots market, with around 45% of the market share, owing to higher adoption of these devices in the region;

  • as end users, hospitals are the most profitable segment with around 2/3 of the market value share, due to higher demand for disinfection robots in order to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

"Increasing demand for disinfection robots to reduce the spread of healthcare facility-associated infections, increasing technological advancements, and growing concerns about maintaining environmental hygiene after the COVID-19 outbreak are some of the factors expected to contribute in propelling the growth of the global disinfection robots market for years to come," said a PMR analyst.

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