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FANUC adds two new handling robots

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Neil Martin

Neil Martin

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FANUC has added two new handling robots to its roster, the M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L models. 

Andy Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK, told Bot-Hive: “Expanding our range of handling robots ensures there is an automation solution for every application. Floor space is a precious commodity in production facilities, which makes it crucial that robots are designed to maximise performance with a minimal footprint. The M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L were designed with this in mind, and encasing the cables within the hollow arm and wrist further streamlines the solution.

“FANUC is dedicated to providing automation solutions that combine performance, efficiency, and minimal downtime, in order to maximise productivity. The M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L handling robots incorporate the latest technological advancements to expand our already competitive handling portfolio.”

The M-10iD/8L can lift up to an 8kg payload and its arm has a maximum reach of 2032m. The larger M-20iD/12L model can lift up to 12kg payloads. 

Editor's View

FANUC doesn't usually disappoint, nor does it waste people's time with superfluous product additions. So lets have a quick look at these two new handling robots. 

And if they look familiar, it's because the new M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L are the handling versions of their Arc Mate counterparts.

We've yet to have a play with them, but FANUC tell us they exhibit high performance in a compact design. The sleek looks are intentional, because the slim, lightweight design means greater throughout.

They also benefit from fully integrated cable management, welcome because it minimises maintenance and eliminates external interference.

So if you're looking for an efficient robot with a pedigree as long as some royal families, then check these two new arrivals out right now. 

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The M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L models are the handling versions of their Arc Mate counterparts.

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The new M-10iD/8L