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FANUC ploughs new FIELD

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

FANUC has unveiled its new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

Called FIELD, it is short for FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive system.

It’s been created to help UK manufacturers improve the efficiency and output of their production operations. Its suitable, said FANUC, for industrial applications ranging from subcontract machine shops through to major production facilities alike.

FIELD is an open source platform which connects a broad range of FANUC and third-party production technology, including both new and legacy models dating back to 2000. Its ultimate aim is to provide fast, centralised access to all production data within a factory and help end-users take a decisive step towards Smart Factory status.

Unlike other IIoT solutions, FIELD is ‘edge-heavy.’ It collects, keeps and processes a wide range of production data at source, on the shop floor, rather than in the cloud. This means it gives operators access to much more accurate real-time data and analytics. 

And for larger sites, FIELD is also fully scalable across multiple cells within a factory. It allows manufacturers to make informed and intelligent decisions that can drive tangible improvements in productivity.

"FIELD system operates primarily ‘on premises’. It ensures a fast response to edge devices without the need for a cloud connection," said Craig Taylor, European Technical Support Manager, at FANUC. “This allows for better real-time processing and autonomy to move without the internet, as well as reduced cloud communications costs and better data leak prevention. However, if customers want to store data for future analysis or make a combined data analysis from different factory locations, they can do so via a cloud solution.

“With FIELD system, we are aiming to empower the engineer, not de-skill them. Manufacturing is becoming increasingly digitised and we see FIELD system as a tool that can amplify the knowledge of those running production, by taking a few key inputs and using them to improve the efficiency and output of their operations.”

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