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Five reasons why robots help with palletizing in the agriculture industry

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

We all know that when it comes to moving pallets around an agricultural packing plant, or a warehouse, the less a human touches that pallet, the less expensive the process will be. 

And the number of touches, or indeed stages that are required to complete a process, should be reduced at all times by technology, and this is where robots come in. 

So here’s five reasons why robots help with palletizing in the agriculture industry:

  1. Robots have been doing palletization forever. Well, since 1963 anyway, when robots for palletizing were introduced, actually some two years before the first proper industrial robot. So these robots have been around for a long time and are continually being use to improve processes; 

  2. Robots are great at palletizing. They beat many other forms of mechanical palletization because they can be continually reprogrammed and re-tasked. They are also super-flexible, handling many different product types, and they are comfortable when it comes to mixed-case palletising;  

  3. Robots are created to reduce costs. Ecommerce, plus last-mile and goods-to-person techniques, all make cheaper order fulfilment essential and this is where the robots come into their own, because they improve the process with no extra costs, or delays; 

  4. Robots suit small palletization businesses. Many robots now cost less than a used small car, are not difficult to install (coming with Plug & Play capabilities and ever smaller physical footprints) and are not just for big businesses - increasingly SMEs see robots as the answer to many of their problems;

  5. Robot types suitable for palletization work are varied. There are many different types of robots that can help with palletizing and support processes, including Delta and Scara robots, and increasingly, collaborative robots (known as cobots, a mash between collaborative and robots), which work alongside humans without need for safety cages. 

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