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The future of robots in the transportation industry

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

The really fascinating question about the future of robots in the transportation industry, is when will the vehicles, planes and trains that feature within this sector will become fully automated and effectively drive themselves? 

The controversy over self-driving cars is well documented, yet these vehicles have a superb safety record. When one crashes, the world is aghast, yet how many humans crash and scrape cars all day long? Imagine if the media were to report every car crash involving a human driver, they’d be nothing left for any real news.

Experiments with self-driving lorries are also well advanced and some of the latest work involves futuristic looking lorries being driven in a long chain, working together until they get to a hub and independently peel off to the various locations.  

Everyone knows that flies can actually fly themselves, indeed, they’ve been able to land and take-over without a human pilot working the controls. Boeing for one is already in an advanced state with pilot planes. And these will be needed in the future, because if the demand for flying continues, there will not be enough trained pilots to go around. 

Of course, what all this depends on is whether the legal implications can be sorted (where the fault lies if there’s an accident) and how we, as humans, accept that the things we travel in don’t need human operators anymore. Once we can get over that little hurdle, we’ll be sorted. 

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