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Latest logistics robot news

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Neil Martin

Neil Martin

The market for mobile robots, autonomous vehicles and drones in logistics, warehousing and delivery will reach $81bn by 2030 and $290bn by 2040.

A report just published by emerging technology research firm IDTechEx said there will be a “...colossal transfer of value from wage expenses to a combination of capital investments and service subscription to autonomous robots of various types.”

The report identifies key activities within the market:

1.  automated guided carts and vehicles;

2.  autonomous mobile industry vehicles (forklifts, tugs);

3.  goods-to-person automated carts/robots;

4.  collaborative autonomous mobile robots;

5.  mobile picking robot (regular- and irregular-shaped items);

6.  autonomous trucks (level 4 and 5);

7.  delivery vans and pods (level 4 and 5);

8.  last-mile side-walk delivery robots;

9.  delivery drones.

The report breaks down most of the individual market areas by activity and for example, takes a close look at goods-to-person automated carts and robots.

It points out that large fleets of robots are already deployed to help automate the goods-to-person step in many fulfilment centres. These robots move racks within robot-only zones, bringing them to manned picking stations.

This is a fast-growing market space, says the report, and forecasts that the annual unit sales will double within six years. 

What’s more, despite the large deployments already, it estimates that the real global inflection point will arrive around 2024, at which point the pace of deployment will dramatically accelerate, with forecasts that between 2020 and 2030, more than one million such robots will be sold.

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