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Latest materials handling robot news

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

The materials handling robot market is in expansion mode. 

And the big driver in the industry has been the rapid growth of industrialisation, notably the emergence of smart factories and warehouses. Robotics and automation have made this revolution possible. 

Now material handling robots are being used to transport materials - they are used to package, pick and place, and palletize and depalletize.

Robot’s key attributes are the ability to improve material handling efficiency, flexibility, and constancy in the manufacturing processes, and their use is forecast to rise dramatically. 

The main reason for the adoption of robots is that it significantly reduces costs for the industry and they are more efficient. For example, not only are the number of trips reduced that take place from one workstation to another, a robot can also handle a number of items in each run, making them more efficient when compared to humans. 

They are also safer, because not only do they have the strength to handle repetitive tasks, they also don’t suffer from such activity. They will not suffer from exhaustion, or lack of concentration. 

The big players in the material handling robot market are ABB, Adept Technology, Machinery Automation & Robotics, Daihen Engineering, Denso Wave, Epson America, FANUC, KUKA Robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, Nachi Robotic Systems, Staubli International, Toshiba Machine and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics.

Robots and automation will play an increasingly vital role in the growing materials handling industry. 

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