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Making Production Smarter | Podcast

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Yas Haghighat

Yas Haghighat

Making Production Smarter - solutions to help SMEs

Today on Inside the Hive, the Bot-Hive podcast, we talk to an integrator who has a solution to help you get the best out of your business with an improvement of accuracy and precision, precision, precision at the forefront of their minds. I speak with Roger Holden, Director of True Position Robotics, who gives us a frank insight into working with UK SMEs, what solutions can help you improve your business efficiency and how technologies developed in the aerospace sector are helping advance other UK industries.

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If you like what you hear and are interested in how Roger and the TPR team can help you and your business, you can contact him on [email protected] or chat with the Commercial Specialist, Alex Green, on [email protected]

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