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Who are the big robot suppliers to the agriculture industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There are a wide range of suppliers to the agriculture industry, across a wide range of activities. 

Some years ago the milking machine robot was invented and it’s now a common sight on many dairy farms. One farmer, running a Lely Astronaut milking robot for example, has openly said that since his having installed the machine, his cows have become more ‘individual’ and now decide when they want to be milked throughout the day. And one milking robot means that 75 cows, and the dairy farm itself, can be run by just a few people.

Irrigation and fertilisation robots are also in widespread use. One such company operating in this field is Rowbot which can deliver the right amount of nitrogen fertiliser by driving up and down the rows of corn, targeting the base of each plant.

In the same vein, a fully autonomous drone developed by Ecorobotix uses a sophisticated camera system to target and then spray weeds. The added benefit is that the drone is powered by the sun, so that it can operate all day without having to stop for more fuel.

Then there are the robots from the team at Naio Technologies, which are able to not only weed and hoe, but also help during the harvest. Naio has a simple objective: “We want to provide all participants in the agriculture process with access to the latest technology, to help grow healthier, more abundant and environmentally friendly crops.”