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Who are the big robot suppliers to the construction industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There are a wide number of suppliers of robots to the construction industry. They include automated labourers, painters and vehicles, and used for architectural support, where they might be used for surveying, site mapping and planning.

Then there are the robots used for engineering and ground preparation works, including demolition robots from Husqvarna and Brokk, and autonomous/remote controlled diggers from Built Robotics. 

Of particular interest is Spot, a fully-automated, battery-operated moving robot, is being tested by Canadian construction company Pomerleau on one of its worksites near Montreal. It is equipped with autonomous tracking systems that enable it to identify and avoid obstacles and people, pick itself up after a fall, move in any direction, and quickly change directions. Just let's hope it doesn’t spot a squirrel. 

Makers Boston Dynamics said its tracking systems make it the perfect tool to explore confined, or dangerous areas – a new way to increase safety for workers.

And robots used for mining and excavation include Asirobots. When it comes to surveillance, project management and project upkeep, you have kit available from Doxel, Zoa Robotics and Scaled Robotics.

Bricklaying is carried out by a number of firms, including RobotsAtWork and Construction Robotics.

As for onsite transportation, up steps Volvo’s HX2, the next generation of its electric load carrier concept.

Property maintenance is carried out by such companies such as Hausbots, Q-Bots 2F Floor Clean.

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