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Who are the big robot suppliers to the defence industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There are a large number of companies that supply automated technology to the defence industry. Most are not sole suppliers to that industry in particular and will also develop and sell products to a wide range of civilian sectors. 

Some of the biggest names produce automated products for the military. 

Take for example Boeing, the US industrial group which manufacturers airlines for the civilian sector and also military aircraft. They develop UAVS and support systems, including underwater drones which are used by naval forces.

Then there’s another US industrial group, Teledyne Technologies which supplies equipment for marine and environmental applications for aerospace and defense systems. This includes electronic subsystems, instrumentation and digital imaging. 

UK Group BAE Systems, a large defence contractor, has a marine and unmanned aerial vehicle division. Another developer and manufacturer for the industry is French based Dassault Aviation. It  makes UAVs and other systems and components for UAVs for the military.

Others include:

API Technologies 


Elbit Systems 

European Aeronautic Defense and Space 


Finmeccanica Spa 

FLIR Systems

General Dynamics 

Honeywell International 

Inrob Tech


Lockheed Martin 

Northrop Grumman 


Raytheon Company 

Rockwell Collins 


Thales Group. 

The fact is that much of the automated technology used in civilian industries, can easily be swapped over for military use. 

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