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Who are the big robot suppliers to the logistics industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There are a large number of robot companies that make devices for the logistics and warehousing industry. 

inVia's automation system is powered by inVia Logic, which calculates and synchronises inventory movements for a variety of business cases, and inVia Command, which maps a warehouse and designs optimised workflows based on those calculations. 

And Scallog, which is billed as a revolutionary "Mobile Robotic Fulfillment System". Through mobile robots, autonomous workstations and smart shelving, warehouses can work more efficiently in a smaller space.

Vecna Robotics, for example, manufactures Vecna’s autonomous robots which transport, lift and convey all types of materials. And they do this in human-centric environments. They are designed to help warehouse and distribution operators move products quickly with minimal handling. 

Then there is Canvas Technology, which makes AGVs (automated guided vehicles). Or as they call them, autonomous robotic carts, which are designed to work on in warehouses. The great thing about these robots is that they are fitted with stereo cameras. These provide a complete 3D picture from ceiling to floor, and working together with inbuilt sensors, they are able to navigate their way around an environment without human assistance. 

MiR, the Danish based company which is part of the US Teradyne Group, is also a big supplier of AGVs used extensively throughout the warehouse industry. 

The number of suppliers to this industry will without doubt increase over the coming years. 

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