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Who are the big robot suppliers to the marine industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There are many robot suppliers to the marine industry, many of which are developing prototype products that have yet to be put into operation. 

Examples of companies involved in this industry are numerous, but here are a few below.

Let's start with Sea Robotics, which has developed the Robotic Hull Bio-Inspired Underwater Grooming Tool. It’s known as the Hull BUG and moves along the ship’s surface, cleaning as it goes.

Then there’s a company called SEA-KIT which is working in a partnership with the US Maritime Administration to develop robotic oil cleanup vessels. 

Another company active in this industry is iRobot, which amongst other products, develops cleaning robotic systems. It has also developed the Seaglider robot which continuously collects data from the world’s oceans. 

Then there’s a robot called the wave glider from Liquid Robotics. It has a large variety of applications, including security, data collection and tsunami warnings. 

US Group Teledyne Technologies is also a big player in the marine industry market, with three of its subsidiaries developing sophisticated products. Teledyne Benthos has developed a number of modular UUVs and ROVs. These include the Stingray and the MiniROVER. Applications include hull inspection, mine warfare, port security and sampling.

The 100 Slocum LBS-G (Littoral Battlespace Sensing-Glider), from Teledyne Brown Engineering, is able to provide detailed fleet positioning data during the maneuvering of a fleet. And finally there’s the Slocum gliders from Teledyne Webb Research. These are designed to study and map the oceans. 

Just a small selection of robots that are currently in use within the marine industry.