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Thank the robots for a modern food and beverage industry

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

I heard someone say recently that they would never eat a particular brand of ready meals, because they had been to the factory and seen how they were made. It’s a fair point, and I sympathised, but I remembered, many years ago, a visit I made to a factory which made small tarts. 

Thousands of the things were pouring off the production line. I saw them from all the gloopy mixture at the start, to the finished article. Industrial cooking is never a pretty site. The sight of all those ingredients, the smell, the people working there in full gowns and masks, it’s all pretty heavy. 

You think, man, I’m never going to eat those things. Yet after the factory tour we were asked for a cup of tea and a taste of some of the tarts that we’d seen being made. I tucked in with gusto. They were pretty damn good. In fact, they couldn’t quite believe how many I ate with my tea. I suppose I’m just a greedy devil.

It’s the same with airline food. When I’m long haul flying, I never miss a meal and even ask to be woken up if there is a service going on. I remember flying back from San Francisco on BA and had wangled a business class seat - upstairs in a 747. I was knackered, but the steward told me to get a nap and he would bring my meal when I was awake. What service. I’ve been a fan of BA ever since.

But I digress, suffice to say that food manufacturers have benefited greatly from robots and automation, and the greater use of this technology will only bring greater products. 

Thank the robots for a modern food and beverage industry image