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Thank the robots for a modern health industry

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Most of the world health services do a fine job of looking after people’s well being and sorting out their needs, wherever possible. 

But things do go wrong, which is why lawyers are kept so busy.

I have a particular story to tell, something which happened to me a few years ago.

I was called in for a flu jab, which surprised me, given I was not of that age, or in a risky healthy group. My daughter had been also called in, which made sense, as she is asmatic. Now, bear in mind this was good old fashioned flu, not the sort of stuff we get nowadays!

Anyway, never look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak and along I went, duly waited the obligatory 30 minutes and popped into the nurses office for my jab. 

The nurses welcomed me and said, in unison, you don’t look obese. I was slightly taken by this, as I didn’t think I was obese (not after forgoing the second cream cake and having given up large portions). They checked my details on the screen and ah, they could see the problem. When I had enrolled at the doctors, someone had mistakenly entered my height into their computer as 2.5 centimetres tall. I’m actually 1.9 metres tall, but the system gave me a mass equivalent to a block of flats and hence, I was obese. What upset me most of all though, I didn’t get my free flu jab.

So there you go, humans are not always right and automation may have solved my weight problem.  

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