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The top five benefits of using robots in the electronics industry

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

The electronics industry is a leader when it comes to making the most of robotics and automation technologies. 

The electronics industry is highly competitive and is becoming one of the leading users of robots, potentially outstripping the automotive industry.

This is due to: 

  1. robot dexterity. They are now able to handle the delicate nature of the products, something which has always held back widespread automation. This means that robots have the ability to significant increase throughput, yet still keep unit costs low;

  2. robot work ethic. Major productivity gains are now a major option. Because robots can work with to the tight tolerances required by the electronics industry, they can fully exploit the gains made possible by full process automation;

  3. robot longevity. Increased long term and consistent accuracy means that greater diversity of products can be produced with quicker return on investments ratios;

  4. robots getting about. Greater flexibility as robots can work across numerous applications within the industry, including assembly, packing, pressing and material handling. Robots can be used in almost every part of the production processes;

  5. robots filing in. Increasingly, non-skilled and skilled labour is in short supply, made worse by Brexit and Covid-19, and robots are ready to fill the gaps, right now.

Take a look at what robots and automation has to offer you right now and get a free consultation. This is not a question of tomorrow, but today, this very minute. 

Robots and automation will revolutionize your business by removing the dull work and letting you and your team to focus on the business itself.  

The electronics industry is changing and changing fast, don’t get left behind.