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How do they use robots in the defence industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

There is a great deal of debate as to the role of robots in the defence industry and the media is fixated with ideas of terminator robots stalking the planet, killing-off their human foes. We are some way off that yet, but as you see robots develop, it’s not much strength of the imagination to see robotic weapons systems dominate this sector. 

Now, there are passive roles for robots in the defence industry (think of AGVs and AMRs used for logistics and medical robots used for treating military personnel), it's the more salacious uses for robots that capture people’s attention.

Think of drones for example. For some they are a great deal of fun, whizzing around the sky and used for taking pictures, or just for the sake of flying. On the other hand, large military drones are very sophisticated weapons platforms that are in use in several countries around the world. 

And from where we are now, it’s not hard to think of military aircraft that don’t need human pilots and on-the-ground troops which can be robots. Indeed, there is a certain sense of logic to all this. Why risk fleshly humans when unfeeling robots can take on the job?

Various pressure groups might be upset at the thought of military style robots - think of the ethical dilemmas all that involves - but suffice to say it is fast becoming a reality. The defence and robot industries are closely connected. 

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