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How do they use robots in the transportation industry?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Robots are very much in vogue when it comes to the transportationation industry. 

The only slight difficulty, in recognising what makes up the transportationation industry, because it covers a wide range of activities. 

  • Air Freight & Logistics

  • Airlines

  • Marine

  • Road & Rail

  • transportationation Infrastructure (which includes Air Freight & Logistics, Airlines, Marine and Road & Rail)

So, to answer the question, how do they use robots in the transportationation industry, you have to have a quick look at each mini industry. Take the first one, air freight and logistics. This is where you stray into the general logistics and warehousing industry, and here it’s all about robots that move materials around. Airlines will increasingly use automated systems for check in and screening, and planes now of course can fly by themselves. Pilots are there to make passengers feel happy.

With the Marine industry, you have self-navigating ships; self-driving cars and automated trains feature in the Road and Rail Industry; and, again, when you look at infrastructure, it’s all about moving goods and materials around. 

The key to understanding the need for robots in the industry is that the core activity is moving goods and people around. Therefore, it is ripe for automation of functions and vehicles that make the process easier and more cost effective, whilst saving humans from laborious tasks. 

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