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What is the most popular use for robots in the agriculture sector?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Horticultural robots are very big in the sector at the moment. Automated vehicles such as robot tractors and combine harvesters, and drones might grab some of the headlines, but it’s harvesting, picking and packing where robot technology is being used.

And robots are not just there to replace humans, they enhance and improve the process. The robots who harvest and pick crops are not only more accurate, but are faster, and therefore not only can boost the yield size, but can vastly reduce waste.

Picking crops for robots is not easy however and for those machines which pick sweet peppers, they have a tricky job and have to overcome many difficulties.

Not least is that they have to determine not only the location of the pepper, but also its ripeness. And bear in mind that this has to be done often in a harsh environment. Light intensity will vary, dust could be present in large quantities and the changes in temperature can be dramatic. An automated picker has to cope with all that, in the same way as a human picker would.

It’s clear that horticultural robots are not only being used by farmers to fill the gaps due to the shortage of human workers, but because they actually enhance productivity and product quality.