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What is the most popular use for robots in the construction sector?

Written by

Neil Martin

Neil Martin

Due to the comparatively slow take-up of robots and automation by the construction sector, there is no one dominant robot within the construction sector. 

But there is one one type of robot which has already made its mark and that is the drone. Possibly next known for military use, or disrupting airports at Christmas time (as I write this, they still haven’t caught the drone flyers that messed about with Gatwick airport in 2018), but drones are big business commercially and extensively used in the construction sector. 

A drone is more accurately described as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, although in the  US the term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is used. The important thing is that drones do not have a pilot, otherwise it would be an aircraft. They are controlled by a remote pilot, or by a software system that is run on onboard, or via ground based systems. 

They are used in planning, surveying and data capturing processes. This reduces cost and saves human beings from being used for often very dangerous tasks. The great advantage with drones is that they can capture video, take high-resolution images and laser scan remotely by the ground operator.

They nowadays play a huge role in the process of developing plans of a particular project, tracking the progress and then monitoring issues that might arise. 

And as the sector increasingly uses automation in the future, drones will remain hugely influential. 

What is the most popular use for robots in the construction sector? image