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Cerexio - MES 4.0


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Cerexio MES 4.0 revolutionizes data utilization with Digital Twin Technology and Dynamic Scheduling Tools that will help you track and trace your factory-floor processes in real-time. Reduce human errors. Enjoy real-time data. Automate Product Tracking. Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System make all of these possible, transforming your MES operations. Featuring powerful Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) the system manages everything from ordering, purchasing, manufacturing to supply chain operations delivering in-depth details on product sourcing, product manufacturing, product processing, product storage, product transportation, product use or product dispose and so much more in real-time. 

When technological advancements keep growing, your manufacturing efficiencies must grow alongside! So, adopt this up-to-date MES solution to configure your MES and discover the hidden potentials of your manufacturing endeavors by harnessing the latest technologies of the new age.

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