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Collaborative robot COBOTTA - anywhere, anytime, always safe.

With a unit weight of only 4 kg and an integrated controller, as well as comprehensive safety features, the collaborative robot COBOTTA is easy to transport and can be quickly put to work; thanks to its graphically designed App „Cobotta World“, the robot is truly easy to operate. It makes it easy to program typical task and pick & place tasks by using a tablet. The collaborative robot COBOTTA has been developed as an open-source platform and thus can be integrated into existing systems. 

With a loading capacity of up to 0.5 kg (0.7 kg wrist direction downward) and its unique compact design, the cobot COBOTTA is particularly well suited for operating in small spaces and in direct collaboration with humans. A special focus was placed on safety: The cobot features an inherently safe design (lightweight arm without sharp edges or pinch points, minimal possible task of force and pressure thanks to adequately developed drive technology) and guarantees a “functional safety” by constantly monitoring torque and speeds of all axes.

Thanks to the fully integrated, built-in electrical gripper and a built-in A/F camera in the robot arm, combined with the standard programming Apps, users can easily create force-controlled gripper task as well as other task in just a few minutes. This also enables 2D image recognition. The collaborative robot COBOTTA is availabale with various options, such as vacuum gripper (the vacuum is generated directly at the end effector) and a fieldbus adaptor (ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP). 

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Reach: 342.5cm

Axis: 7

Weight: 4kg

Repeatability: 0.05mm

Speed: --

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Delivery Times: 6 weeks

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