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Fanuc - M-10iA


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The fast slimline solution to all your small handling jobs

The fastest handling robot in its class, the M-10 series delivers improved throughput and optimised cycle times across a wide range of pick, place and machine tending operations. Weighing just 130 kg, the M-10 boasts a 12 kg payload, very high axis speeds and acceleration resulting in high wrist movements. Slim cable-integrated arm and hollow wrist assembly support make for easy operation even in confined work areas. 

Superlative axis speeds and acceleration make the FANUC M-10 the pick and place specialist for payloads of up to 12 kg. Sealed bearings and brushless, maintenance-free AC motors provide protection and improve reliability for longer lifetime and minimum downtimes.


Long arm, hollow wrist speed machine

The fast slimline solution to all your small handling jobs, this versatile 6 axis long arm model is the perfect solution for pick, place, loading and assembly tasks that require greater reach.

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Wide reach, extra flexibility

At 1633 mm, the longest reach in the range meets repeatability of just ± 0.03 mm.

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Flexible mounting positions

Floor, ceiling, angle and wall mounting methods allow for maximum use of the robot work envelope.

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