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Fanuc - M-2000iA/1700L


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The M-2000 series is the strongest family of industrial robots on the market

The strongest 6 axis robot on the market, the M-2000 series comes with a handling capacity up to 2.3 t and a reach up to 4.7 m. This makes it the ideal choice for handling and palletising heavy parts. Its outstanding vertical 6.2 m lifting stroke and horizontal reach makes processing even the largest of workpieces easy. Especially suitable for the automotive or metal industries, these heavy payload robots lift complete cars efficiently and safely.

Key Stats


Reach: 4683cm

Axis: 6

Weight: 12500kg

Repeatability: 0.27mm

Speed: 20.66mm/s

Key Features

Heavy Lifting

Long Reach

Speed and Precision

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