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Fanuc - R-1000iA/100F


Key Features

Short Cycle Times
Good for Welding
High Reliability

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Versatile high-speed robot for a range of operations including welding, handling and palletising

Fast, slim, reliable – capable of handling up to 130 kg and reaching up to 2.2 m, the standard 6 or 5 axis R-1000 series is ideal for handling task involving medium payloads. Designed primarily for material handling and spot welding, best cycle times result from high acceleration speeds whilst the series' slim design saves precious floor space.


Spot welding specialist

Maximize the productivity of your task with payloads of up to 100 kg.

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Proven reliability and design

This model requires minimal maintenance and is extremely cost-effective when installing and operating it.

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Additional versatility

This model is in favor of greater versatility – it can be mounted both on the ground as well as in a hanging position.

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