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Hyundai Robotics - HH030L


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Product Description

The HH030L robotic arm is ideal for medium duty task which would include handing, sealant, assembly and machine tending. As with the rest of the range it has an IP65 finish which enables it to be used in plastic injection molding, CNC machine tool tending, and press tool environments. The robot also has the option of an IP67 wrist protection. The HH030L Robot manipulator is designed with a thin offset arm configuration. It is an extended arm version of the HA020, thus allowing easy access with the long axis 3. The arm has an internal wiring loom so has a very smooth finish. The robot weighs 650Kg and the robot package comes complete with Hi5 Controller, 5m Robot encoder cable, full color Teach pendant and 7.5m cable. The main task for the robot arm is in handling products up to 30Kg.

Key Stats


Reach: 2535mm

Axis: 6

Weight: 650kg

Repeatability: 0.1mm

Speed: 215deg p/s

Key Features

Wide Working Range

High Reliability

Speed and Precision

Purchase Information

Delivery Times: 6 weeks

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