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Keyence - KV-Nano series PLC


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High speed & High performance All-in-one PLC

KV Nano uses the same instructions can be used regardless of the product series, from frequently-used normally open contacts to PID and other task instructions. This eliminates the stress of using different instructions and ensures more comfortable programming. The KV Nano not only uses the same software as other KV PLCs, but it also dispels the notion that programming methods cannot be consistent across different PLC models. You can still use functions like KV Script and real-time chart monitor, regardless of the PLC model. The expansion unit of the KV Nano Series can not only be used for remote I/O but also works as a shared remote I/O with the KV-8000 Series. This allows you to use the same parts for large and small task, resulting in cost reduction.

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Key Features

High Reliability

High Performance

Speed and Precision

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Delivery Times: 6 weeks

Shipped from: JP

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