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KOMPAÏ-3 / 2019


Key Features

Built-In Vision System
Automated navigation
Data Collection Feature

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KOMPAÏ robotics

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KOMPAÏ-3, has a new and improved design, and includes the 3 mains functions : Mobility Assistance, Round and Entertainment.


Health monitoring

KOMPAÏ can manage medical parameters and connect with healthcare professionals. KOMPAÏ collects, aggregates, and stores all data from medical devices in the cloud. 

Falling is a constant risk that can have serious consequences. KOMPAÏ provides verifications, alerts key individuals, and can even call for emergency help.

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Making each day better

Sometimes it can be hard to make sense of time and place. KOMPAÏ helps to recall useful information and offers interactive entertainment. 

When we feel lonely, it is a great comfort to go beyond just hearing a voice and actually see your loved one! KOMPAÏ enables feeling close to family and friends, talking with them like they were there.

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Designed with care

Our team designed KOMPAÏ using patient and care-provider focus groups. The goal was to bring both cognitive and physical support, in a way that is friendly, empathetic, and reassuring, though without the intension of replacing the unique presence of human assistance.

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