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KUKA - KR 200 L170-3 comp (Second Hand)


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The compact robots for every task 

Compact, extremely fast and with a unique combination of payload and reach: these attributes make KUKA comp series robots the obvious choice for a wide range of task – e.g. handling or spot welding. The wide-ranging product spectrum, with payload capacities from 100 to 220 kg and reaches of 2,400 to 2,800 mm, ensures that there is a suitable model for every requirement. 

The comp series is a further development of the successful KR 125 robot series. With their compact design and high dynamic performance, the comp robots are specifically adapted to versatile handling tasks. The result is a price/performance ratio that sets new standards for the market. The advantages: high degree of planning reliability and security of investment.

Key Stats


Reach: 2600cm

Axis: 6

Weight: 1165kg

Repeatability: 0.15mm

Speed: 114.33mm/s

Key Features

Fast Handling

Good for Welding

Good in Narrow Spaces

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Shipped from: NL

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