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KUKA - KR 500 FORTEC 500 R2830 C


Key Features

Speed and Precision
Heavy Lifting
Wide Working Range

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Kuka UK

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The KR 500 FORTEC is our versatile heavy-duty robot that is suitable for a wide range of task. For example, the Machine Tool variant is predestined for milling task in the high payload range, while the Foundry variant is perfectly suited to heavy-duty tasks in the foundry. 

The exceptional product quality that the KR 500 FORTEC delivers in milling and other task is based on two fundamental features that inspired the robot’s name: strength and proven technology. Reaches of up to 3,326 millimeters enable large workpieces to be processed, even in confined cells. Thanks to its streamlined design with minimized interference contours, the robot provides you with an unusually large workspace and the maximum possible payload distances.


Absolute precision

The KR 500 FORTEC combines power and technology with a pose repeatability of 0.08 millimeters – for unbeatable product quality in the heavy-duty range.

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Powerful and efficient

The KR 500 FORTEC handles large and heavy components weighing up to 500 kilograms with great precision and ease. At the same time, it requires very little maintenance and is characterized by cost-efficiency as a result.

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There are numerous variants of the KR 500 FORTEC, which opens up a wide range of potential task in the heavy-duty range. The Machine Tool variant is perfectly suited to milling and the Foundry variant is ideal for the casting industry.

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