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MOV.AI - TugBot


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Automated navigation
Automated Charging
Heavy Lifting

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The Automated Mobile Robot powered by MOV.AI

What makes the TugBot an intelligent Automated Guided Vehicle (AVG), is MOV.AI’s O/S. This unique industry-grade Operating System for autonomous intelligent collaborative robots is ideal for large-scale commercial deployment. It is also ROS compatible, robust, affordable and enables autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.


Reliable and safe wheeled robot

TugBot can keep on making its mark as a reliable and safe wheeled robot that handles materials in factories, warehouses and distribution centers.

Obstacle Avoidance – By stopping or rerouting

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Autonomous navigation and charging

Path Planning with Configuration of Routes. Automated Engagement of Payloads up to 300 kg. The robot Seek and Fetch with QR codes or within a defined area.

Obstacle Avoidance by stopping or rerouting with Autonomous Charging and Fleet Management options.

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Easy Implementation with improved facilities

Reduces Labor Costs. Improves Facility Safety. Maximizes Operational Efficiency. Easy to Implement. No Need to Infrastructure Changes

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