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Nachi - EZ03F4-02 -5515


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Good in Narrow Spaces
Speed and Precision

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Nachi Robotics Systems Inc.

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The EZ SCARA Robot Series consists of 6-Axis (EZ02) and 4-Axis (EZ03) models. EZ robots are available in both floor and invert mounted configurations with a variety of reach and stroke options available.  This high speed robot series is excellent for material handling, assembly, electronics, and palletizing task. 


Downsizing the equipment with Smart cable routing

Installation of the inverted mount provides space saving for equipment layout. A large, 36 mm-diameter hole in the tip of the wrist. With all wires and tubes built into the machine body, the risk of interference is reduced and reliability is improved.

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High speed operation with the shortest path

Thanks to its slim arm, high speed operation is possible. Also inverted mounting allows the robot to travel the shortest path.

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Complicated operations can be performed

More complicated operations such as insertion from an angle, change of orientation in an assembly process and grinding/finishing are possible.

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