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Nachi - MC470P-01


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Designed for Palletising
Heavy Lifting

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Nachi Robotics Systems Inc.

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The MC280L , MC350 and MC470P is specifically designed for heavy and repetitive lifting tasks from 280 Kg,350 Kg and 470 Kg capacity.  In addition to high payload capacity the MC280L provides extensive reach of 3101 mm while MC350 and MC470P provides an extensive 2771 mm work envelope to perform work on several products or machines simultaneously.  Superior strength, rigidity, and reach allow allow the MC280L, MC350 and MC470P to excel in large scale lifting operations including car bodies,engines,foundry components and many other heavy industrial products.


Heavy loader palletizing

This robot has enough lifting power to handle jobs loading and stacking beverages, bricks, plastic resins, concrete and other heavy goods. 470kg Payload (wrist must be directed downward)

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Linkage-less construction is simple and compact

Simple construction has no counterweights or parallel linkage. Compact form can be installed in small places.

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High-speed motion

Lower weight and greater rigidity make it the fastest robot in its class. Reduce cycle times by up to 15% (compared to our existing model).

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