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Nachi - MZ04-01


Key Features

Hollow Wrist and Arm
High Reliability

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Nachi Robotics Systems Inc.

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The new MZ04 robot arms feature ultra high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables for material handling, assembly, vision and many other task.  Boasting an available IP67 rating, MZ Series robots are the fastest in class in standardized speed testing, leading all competitors’ robots.  Flexible mounting solutions allow MZ Series to be floor, wall, or invert mounted to better suit customers’ needs for any given task.  As the newest addition to Nachi’s comprehensive robot lineup, MZ Series robots build on the great heritage of large payload robots by providing an extremely versatile small robot with top of the line capabilities.


Smart cable routing in hollow wrist

Hand cables are neatly housed inside of the hollow wrist. Smart cable routing helps prevent interference with peripheral equipment, which greatly improves equipment reliability.

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Compact with a wide working envelope

The lightweight and compact robot arm helps keep the equipment simple and saves space. The installation area is half that of the MZ07 (A5 paper size).

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Fastest operating speed in its class improves productivity

The lightness of the robot arm and the latest control technologies give it the fastest operation in its class, which improves productivity.

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