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Nachi - MZ12-01


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Nachi's MZ12 Robot incorporates high speed, generous allowable wrist torque, high payload capacity, and linkless arm design to provide a new standard of functional performance. The MZ12 robot achieves superior performance with improved high-speed motion and excellent positional accuracy. In addition, its footprint is 17% smaller than conventional robots. With a point to point repeatability of ± 0.04mm the MZ12 offers 1454mm of horizontal reach. The slim base minimizes required floor space and provides floor, inverted mount or tilted options to further extend task possibilities and reduce work cell size. Compact arm design reduces interference with peripheral equipment and is also IP67 compliant. Internal air supply lines and signal cabling support numerous task, optional internal pneumatic valves eliminate the need for shoulder-mounted valve packages.

Key Stats


Reach: 1454cm

Axis: 6

Weight: 150kg

Repeatability: 0.04mm

Speed: 398.33mm/s

Key Features

Hollow Wrist and Arm

High Reliability

Purchase Information

Delivery Times: 6 weeks

Find out about: Nachi Robotics Systems Inc.

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