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Nachi - SRA133HL-01


Key Features

Short Cycle Times
High Rigidity
High Repeatability

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Product by

Nachi Robotics Systems Inc.

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SRA series comes in various payloads from 100 Kg to 250 Kg. Standard floor mount models, invert mount model, long reach models over 3 meters


Smart Cable Management

Spot welding cables and utility lines are routed through the hollow forearm and wrist for protection, ensuring long life. No surprises from swinging dress cables not modeled in simulation. Minimize interference, much better than external dress solutions.

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World's Fastest Robot

The best motion control in the class makes cycle times unbeatable. Light weight, highly rigid design robot for high acceleration with minimum vibration. The high speed of all axes provide minimized movement times. Dramatically improves manufacturing productivity.

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Energy saving

Improved drives and motors for accurate positioning and better repeatability. Compact design allows closer installation in less floor space.

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